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You’ll hear 30 leading minds answer 15 questions in 60 minutes about the rapidly changing landscape of PR. You’ll learn from PR and marketing influencers like Todd Defren, Jeffrey Hayzlett, and Jason Keath, as well as senior communicators at Southwest, VistaPrint, Digitas, PepsiCo, and more. If you miss the event, you'll still receive a replay, transcript, and MP3 download afterward. Register above to discover the new story of PR and Marketing.

What's in it for you?

The public relations field is becoming radically integrated with nearly every aspect of marketing. In fact, even the term "PR" itself may no longer adequately describe our industry's emerging role.

The term "earned media” might better characterize PR's expanding function within the marketing mix: the art and science of earning visibility, brand equity, and ultimately brand advocates through targeted, meaningful, public relationships—online and offline.

In short, PR will never be the same, and after you attend The Future of Media, you'll never think about PR in the same way, either.

Our panel of 30 speakers will explore this new world of earned media, exploring questions such as: